How To Play Guitar Bass Runs

how to play guitar bass runs
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Why the distortion of my speakers when the PA effects pedals running through my acoustic guitar?

I have a PA effective and simple composition of two Yamaha 12 "passive speakers and a mixer Soundcraft gigrack / amplifier. I use to play my game acoustic shows. When I plug my acoustic through any channel, that sounds good. But if I try to put the pedal effects between the guitar and amp / Mixer, ie, delay, chorus, flanger, etc. I get a vase, low distortion range of speakers. It does really audible / visible when scratching and other agreements, but it's pretty boring. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this without compromising my original acoustic sound and volume during the execution of these pedals. Note: This is a sound system and comes with an effects loop as Most guitar and bass amplifiers. Thank you in advance.

Alleycat – My first approach is that you can distort the input plug guitar and effects. The pedals can amplify the signal from the guitar a little can saturation of the channel distortion. Each channel of the console has a "pad" switch – Try to change it on that channel. Watch your "clip / protect" and fires – make sure no light when they play with effects. Cut and distortion sound may damage your speakers.

how to play guitar bass runs