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blues guitar learn free
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How much talent on the guitar I?

Yes, I play the guitar for almost 6 months. I practice barley, taking about 150 time and make it less 20. I can play in the middle of the stairway to heaven, I learned last week. I can play Layla, Black Bird's Dream (Almost all) Wanted Dead or Alive, half-bird free of dust in the wind, the love of my life, at home on the beach (: P), Sweet Child O Mine ' some blues songs I literally had yesterday, I am quite out of love, and some of Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley version). I invented nothing, people tend to think that I for some reason. I do not know if it's good or bad for 6 months, although rarely practice for any reason when I do not remember a song very easily, when things outside of school like that. I also play piano and drums, so I have a musical background. Oh and one more thing, I do not use labels, hate, and I think cheap. In fact read guitar music, and I do not bother me if you use labels. Therefore, I'm talented?

If you must ask the question that is a clear signal that you do not think they have talent. At least that's their perception. However, he only played for 6 months. The fact is, you like to play? If not, and keep it up day, as William James would have said … "If a man takes the daily work that lies before he wakes up one day to find between the competent historical production. "So if reading is a pleasure, if it challenges you, if you like this, you will be a great guitar player. The talent is not to do with it. People will say … Oh, he / she is so talented. However, it was the desire and hard work that allows them to play or sing well.

blues guitar learn free