Bass Guitar Players List

bass guitar players list
Schindler’s List: Hampshire Guitar Orchestra+Bruce Paine

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Starting a rock band in college or high school?

I like the idea, and I have some friends who play different instruments. Just to name a few: bass guitar (me and a few other friends) keyboard (I play the piano, as well as some of my friends) If I wanted to be a small group, what I can do? Some of my friends think is cool, but too lazy to practice every week at home some1. My other Friends would say yes, but it would be too problems and things. I do not know what to do, but I have them all and started a band. I know nobody has done before and a song I do not know anyone intermediate or a beginner (not including yourself pianists) Help! Note: I am 13 and a half years also no way that I left my theater at school or band, unless it was the work of the orchestra at all, unless your talent show (but that's just one night in one year)

Find you are interested in reproducing cover songs and sex (s) you. Do not expect everything to be perfect immediately. Surround yourself with musicians that they are interested in getting better with his instrument (S) and have fun playing. Be prepared to to compromise and collaborate, but do not be intimidated or bullied by a prima donna.

bass guitar players list

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