Acoustic Guitar Playing Techniques

acoustic guitar playing techniques
How to Play Dobro Slide Guitar Music : Acoustic Slide Guitar Techniques for Dobro Guitar

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What a good book to learn to play classical guitar?

I played acoustic and electric guitar during about 8 years, in particular, and sometimes blues rock metal. I recently had an obsession with classical guitar, and I want to learn to play properly. I want to learn all the styles and techniques of proper fingering, do not start with bad habits. I am especially interested in the Spanish classics like Andres Segovia. Thank you for reading, I appreciate any help. Ps if I want to recommend a good classical guitar is cool too 🙂

Tim: A good book for beginners classical guitar that is simple, straightforward and not too fast, is: "You Can Teach Yourself Classic Guitar" by the bay. This is a publication Mel Bay and is available in most music stores for about $ 12. Note, however, that the position of the hand with the fingers picking to learn with a teacher or other classical guitarist … a book does not show adequate provisions (and very important) position of the hand with success. Good luck to you. Cliff E. (Classical Guitar)

acoustic guitar playing techniques

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