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Guitar Lessons Software or Video Dvds: Which is Better?

Does the phrase, Learn To Play Guitar Software, lead you to assume that it must be an advanced and therefore highly effective way to learn music? You certainly are not alone if that is what you think. Let’s explore exactly what current popular guitar lesson software can and cannot do for a budding guitarist. Then let’s compare it to the all-video DVD lesson format.

First of all, Guitar Software does not automatically insure that the music lessons will be of higher quality than other types of media like video DVDs. Using software for lessons is primarily a way to accomplish two things:

1. To conveniently emulate a guitarist’s tools like a metronome, tab data, a chord chart and tuner.

2. To organize different kinds of media like audio, video, the written word, photos, illustrations and the specialty tools mentioned above.

There are many guitar course software programs on the market today that are well thought out, with lots of features that seem fantastic. Unfortunately from my experience reviewing many of these instructional programs, I have often discovered that slick software is just a way to improve or even cover up a mediocre guitar lesson eBook.

What About The Full Video DVD Guitar Lessons format?

Full Video DVD Guitar lessons programs differ from software style programs in that they more closely emulate what takes place if you have a live lesson with an excellent instructor. The downside is that if you wish to use a tool like a metronome you must acquire one separately.

The Advantages Of The Full Video DVD Format

1. Full Video DVDs Often Contain More Information And Are Easier To Understand: Simply stated, we tend to learn by observing another person explain and demonstrate a task followed by our repeated attempts to emulate them. Long video lesson segments from the top DVD Video courses with world-class instructors can provide the most direct way to understand the subtleties of each lesson in ways that just aren’t possible with the short video snippets found in some software formats.

2. Full Video DVDs Can Be Watched On Large TV Screens: With Guitar Software you are often left to read the written word, look at static diagrams and if you are very lucky, watch short video clips on a relatively small computer screen. Critical fingering details can be difficult to see.

3. Guided Practice Sessions: Another huge benefit of a good all-video DVD lesson program is that some offer guided practice sessions. This means that the instructor not only teaches new concepts but also practices with you. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this feature. One of the most under taught guitar skills is learning how to practice like the pros.

So Is All Guitar Software A Waste Of Time?

No, not at all. I am aware of one surprisingly inexpensive beginner guitar lesson software program that does an excellent job for the price. If you cannot afford $100 to $200 for a comprehensive all video DVD program by a top instructor then this software can be a reasonable alternative for about $40.

The Bottom Line

For most beginner through intermediate guitar students I would recommend finding an all video DVD set from a top player/instructor that comes with a written reference book or printable files. Often the good programs offer payment programs or in some cases permit you to buy one DVD from the set at a time.

The bottom line is that it’s all about the quality of the lessons and not the cleverness of the lesson format. Unless your budget is very tight, do not be dazzled by the current Learn to Play Guitar Software.

top guitar learning software

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