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slide guitar lesson
Beginner Blues Slide Guitar Lesson – Acoustic Slide Guitar

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How can I learn how to use the little finger plays the guitar?

I played guitar for the last 2 years and have obtained very good but I give way and cause problems now. I learned to play with my first three fingers and not the finger of the child. im hard to reach as rapidly as during the solos, I have to slide up the neck, because he has no control over my little finger. if I am now an agreement with my pink ring my habit to do what you want to do, I have to stop and do it gradually, but I still I can not get the hang of it. Just for the record, I do not think there is something physically wrong with my finger. How can I get training to start using 4 fingers when playing?

barre chords or an agreement with four fingers c Sun

slide guitar lesson

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