Play Guitar With Keyboard

play guitar with keyboard
How to play November Rain guitar solo on keyboard

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Is it difficult to learn to play piano / keyboard?

I always wanted to learn to play an instrument. The only experience I had a keyboard / Piano involved fourth year with a keyboard and within 30 minutes I was taught to play by ear a bit "Mary Had a Little Lamb." And again in Grade 8, when we try to play the instruments (including drums, guitar and keyboard) and the keyboard has been the less difficult for me.

Duro is a very subjective term. learning the piano or other instrument, commitment and patience. If you are disciplined then learning the piano should not be too "hard." It will take years of practice to become an expert though. If you already have experience with some instruments and found that the keyboard was the less difficult that I suggest you go with that. Here are some resources to start: giving piano lessons piano you Search

play guitar with keyboard