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play guitar with computer keyboard
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How can I prevent interference to amateur radio coming in my speakers and Guitar Rig?

My father was a radio operator amateur. He is always in your radio crazy. Unfortunately for me, which interferes with all the electronics in my room. It turns off my external sound card comes from my speakers and makes a horrible buzzing / humming. My keyboard also flashes on and off and sometimes unresponsive. And I also have tons of lines through my TV. I can not play guitar because my dad just got a new radio and is more or less on it 24 / 7 for each time I turn on the amplifier horrible buzzing and I just sit down at random and the keys to your microphone and unkeys what seems like crazy and sounds like steal my speakers. I asked what if anything can be done, but I always left out or does not care. He said that if the Chinese did not have that kind of crap products and interference does not work. Do I buy or use to stop the noise?

You said -''if the Chinese did not have that kind of shit product interfere de''B├ísicamente then not come through, he's right. – Sorry. Your guitar amp, speakers, PC and TV are not immune to RFI (radio frequency interference) This is a bad design companies in order to increase their profits. Because it is so close to the transmitter is little you can do. This technical RFI who can investigate, but I think in your case, it is unlikely that much success unless they get support and help of his father. My suggestion is to offer this to his father as a friendly challenge that you can work together as a bonding session. As a ham, or at least should be interest to limit interference, and if you file in the correct form of it as a project can work together not only help, but can strengthen the bonds family. If you are more interested in his passion for amateur radio, might be a little more interested in his guitar.

play guitar with computer keyboard