Play Guitar With Bow

play guitar with bow
Exactly how to play Guitar with a VIOLIN BOW

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How many of you out there playing the guitar and what kind of music do you play?

I played for 32 years. I also play the bass, keyboard, harp, Steele, bowed stifling, and drums. The type of music I play is: Heavy metal, hard rock, grunge, blues, country, classical, folk, Southern rock, funk, pop, disco and bluegrass. I love to play and record my styles of other cultures to see how they sound. I added some lead guitar bites double for a few guys playing in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. This has been a success. I would one day connect with musicians from other countries who want to experience. Maybe make a new style of music.

Therefore, their ability is impressive, eh? ^ _ ^ Maybe you can teach me something or two, definitely try to find someone who can play many musical instruments and have a great sense of music. Do not be arrogant, but I'm 18 years old and I know a lot of classical music. I played guitar for 3 years and have done a lot of songs. But I did not publish it, and above all I remembered after 6-7 days. ^ _ ^ But I want to find someone who has a great sense of music, because all my friends can sing, play musical instruments but did not make sense. Just play as an imitator, and I honestly do not like ….

play guitar with bow