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What song should I choose to sing and play guitar at a talent show?

I registered, but I'm having difficulty choosing a song popular acceptable. Because so much to listen to Broadway, I'm not completely up to date with popular songs common. Also, if you have simple string acoustic, nobody knows where to find them? Because I play the guitar.

if you go to any popular songs the world would you know that fireflies in a city with an owl or a song by Lady GaGa, but if you want to show your voice and play guitar, then they must sing a song India Arie. (If you can learn to play a song without music, then you can go on YouTube and copy the agreements of the other players for that song) Ready for Love-India Arie — Watch>? v = ItYpV6TfFwQ [This is a beautiful song] Fireflies – Hope> this helps

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