Play Guitar Through Pc

play guitar through pc
Mark Gordon Creamer plays a Wilkins SST Guitar through a Rockbox Pedal directly in to Cubase!

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Anyway to use a PC as guitar effects pedals?

I have a bass, I play a lot of metal (Only in the ear, it is generally 80% of the guitar parts that I mix with the bass line) and once I plugged my bass in a couple of my cousin Percent $ pedals and was able to get incredible sounds of metal are more, but as I play at home on my own Head for fun from time to time, I do not want to invest hundreds of pedals that may or may not get the sound as you want, if I to do so. I wonder if I can see how you can connect a guitar to the microphone on a PC (or use my headphone amp of my practice to give an input power to the microphone port on the PC) and if there was a PC program could serve as pedal to change the sound in real time, and then play through the PC speakers (Which may be connected to an input amplifier) so that after all is an enormous waste of wire, I could use free software or cheap to make my PC act pedals. While there like that?

You can download Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2. is impressive for effects, the cockpit sim amp and everything you need an audio interface and a good PC for use in real time, however. even good sound card (like a card soundblaster live so expensive ..) probably will not cut it.

play guitar through pc