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play guitar quick
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Ok, I have Guitar Hero 2. I play at the race all but quick games is wrong?

Me and my brothers play guitar hero all the time without problems. I can play the levels of the career very well until one day my sister tried to play a quick game level and sounding horribly tune. I'm not kidding … we each note, but every note sounds wrong. In the subway is said to hit all the greens, but the song sounds so horrible wen the game. My Reality KNOW NO TONE DEFF. wats going lol I'm serious, but IDK someone can help me?

Well first of all, check wiring and see if everything is page.Voici is likely to contribute to the slow response in the sound. Then see if the CD has no problem because it occurs on a CD my friend. Everything was above zero. If all else fails, then perhaps the system. But this is unlikely. Well, good luck.

play guitar quick