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Learn to play guitar, and I have a question ……….?

Q-What is the best type of guitar, as a brand or model, or to buy the guitar for a beginner? ? ? ? I play acoustic and electric, I take private lessons. I like rock music, and want learn to play electric. I have a Fender Starcaster acoustic guitar. I heard its a good learning guitar so I bought it, but I want the best. So if you have any suggestions, or whatever I need to know as a beginner please let me know.

I opinion, the cut is ideal for beginners Yamaha acoustic, sound quality with or without electricity. You can try these at Guitar Center. Try them all, they were all a little different and feels a little different, and you can feel different in their hands, some easy action and not others. (It how the strings out of the race, some are higher than others, more more more difficult. You'll be amazed by the sound of that guitar, I know I was, I play classical guitar, and decided on a sound also played a good number of them and I was impressed by the sound of this great little Yamaha, one is a girl playing on youtube, has a black guitar and sitting on the floor playing Green Day, Boulevard of Dreams. Go YouTube and write this song and go until I see, as I said the guitar is black and is about fourteen to sixteen, and her singing alone. Well this guitar is like that and it sounds as good as you, and for a beginner is not bad, good luck to you. PS This guitar was $ 250.00 and $ 60.00 more for less when on sale, I know one of my students bought one.

play guitar learning