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Am I too old to learn to play guitar?

Well, I know I'm probably "too old" to learn, but I would like People know (I'm 15 years old in high school) if he had enough time to devote to learning to play guitar. I mean with school and all else. Thank you in advance. Development is always helpful: D

15 is always a good time to start playing. You should know in advance what you want to learn. Is it what you really want to do, or is it just something that seems to be popular? If you want to start playing just because all the others who never does anything with it. You, and therefore can not waste time and money. On the other hand, if you want really go somewhere, we must practice a lot, and do not go cheap when buying your computer. Poor computer system can have all the fun of learning to play an instrument. When buying equipment, check out some of the bands you like. What equipment do you use? Is I tend to use Marshall amps? Do you use light or heavy guitars? All this affects the sound, making it easier or harder to learn. Finally, be sure to use proper channels. strings old musical ear, which plays the guitar boring. new channels of fresh, it's easier to hear the note, which helps them learn to say the sounds separately. They tend to last about a month. (Most rock guitarists use Ernie Ball)

learn guitar school

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