Play Guitar In One Hour

play guitar in one hour
One Hour Project – jam session with my brother Marcin (guitar player)

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How can I play the guitar with these bulbs?

I play on my sister's funeral in an hour, but I have blisters on my fingers on practice. I'm not used to the acoustic guitar, much less damage with a finger. Is what I can do to reduce the pain and the effect on my game only for a few minutes?

it is better not explode because the risk of infection is greatest. I think you can use bandade one, but playing the guitar and is really annoying, I can say:) I think the least painful when you can pop and disinfect. Bandade can I use a small, very thin, to ensure that the skin does not appear during playback. Otherwise, the open wound to touch the strings, and it would be painful and increase the risk of infection. here is a site that is in the treatment of this type of bulbs:

play guitar in one hour