Play Guitar In Key Of G

play guitar in key of g
How to Tune & Play a Guitar : How to Play Guitar in the Key of G Sharp/A Flat

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Minor blues scale guitar Pentratonic?

Ok, I am a teacher playing the guitar and the right to know that I work on the blues. In my book it says you can play this figure and | R |–|–| 0 | – B | 0 0 |–|–| | – G | 0 | – | 0 |–|– D | 0 | – – | R |–|– A | 0 | – | 0 |–|– E | R |–|–| 0 | – (Sorry, I know it's a poor "draw", but it is better that I can do.) R = root, 0 = note well Anyhoo played. It says you can play it on any fret and will be a blues scale, depending on the root. Then he said: "For example, the third fret gives the note G, the key of A, shown in the table below (which I'll call it) is from the fifth fret. "And I wondered HECK said this phrase about the scale, because they do not play G on the E string when playing the scale of A, the only country G #…. Did you this? If you can answer? Please?

The scale of A to G # in it – Yes. However, a blues scale stems from the child, not a large scale – therefore, has a G in it and not a G # But – said then G, then G is a pentatonic minor, if you start to (same model) – if you play this model – the evolution of the root is an A pentatonic etc.

play guitar in key of g

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