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play guitar hero game online free pc
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Top 10 most addictive games

In the last ten years has been a lot of addictive games out there, no matter what platform game using. Everyone has its own best choices, but if you look at all platforms and genres, most players would agree that the ten most addictive games of the last decade are:

* Half-Life 2
* Neverwinter Nights
* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Virtua Tennis 3 *
* Diablo 2
* The Sims 2
* Lumines II
* Guitar Hero II
Civilization IV *
* World of Warcraft

You can not have played all these games, but most likely you have played some of them, depending on the game console you have or if you just play games on your PC. Games computer used to not be as interesting, but have improved a lot lately so they can cope with the consoles game, and so far are doing a good job of it.

Free flash games fun, and many people who play regularly love to play because they are very addictive. Depending on who is the question, there are many games that could be considered a list of "games the most addictive. One reason is that so many games have been created in recent years. New graphics and games become more and more attractive players who previously were not very interested in playing, a game console or PC. Free flash games that are offered by many places and addictive games that are found on all PCs and game consoles bring a new generation of gamers in the mix.

If you are looking only for online flash games and then the 10 most addictive game will be a little different and include options such as Bejeweled. It's a simple game but most people playing flash games agree that it is one of the most addictive games out there and guarantee the number one position. There are other, Of course, people see that this dependence, and each is different. Top ten lists rarely accepted by all that see them, but most people find at least some of your favorites on your list.

play guitar hero game online free pc