Play Guitar Hero 3 Online Ps2

play guitar hero 3 online ps2
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PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero can components are used in the Playstation 3?

I'm looking to upgrade to a PS3 for a PS2 and I all this gear for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I'm anxious to see if the drivers work with the PS3. IKNOW need new drive for online play, but I want to keep pilots. I have a wireless guitar and the parameters of Rock Band. HELP!

Gustavo is a fool. It is likely that a person who does not even not a PS3. Well here's a real answer. Yes, everything. Guitar hero adapter required. Ps2 called USB adapter that can take in to GameStop and EB Games fight against the $ 15 … I'll give you the link below. Regarding the rock band I've seen YouTube videos of people using devices PS2 not the PS3. As i own rock band for the PS3 and I know that uses USB ports, I'm not sure about the PS2. But I'm sure the PS2 version is also usb. One thing you need to know about the USB adapter. If you play Guitar Hero for the PS3 with the PS2 guitar will not be able to ..: Do not knock ons pulling power out compromise with tilt sensor (Have User-down selection) a small price to pay a premium for PS3 Guitar Hero guitars are 60 to $ 70 = 0! is the link to the map. I hope to help and when you have your PS3 to be sure that I add to the PlayStation Network (which is free unliike 360): Nanothunder

play guitar hero 3 online ps2