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What should I study at a college university online /?

ok, I'm gary, I'm 21 and south of New York, Dutchess County still at home. I need some suggestions based on my interests .. I'm a player I always wanted to do my own game I am a musician, playing guitar, drums, piano and learning. I am a geek, I love computers, I hacked my psp and many other for money, not even the pandora. I also hacked my ipod. I'm still standing outside the electronics and put them back together for boredom or repair. I like adult swim, I can imitate almost all the voices. and u can see, I have natural talent and I will not let going to lose, I just can not decide what to do. and I delayed for 3 years and after finishing high school. can someone help me to please lol? and I also heard you can get a degree online faster and cheaper, and money is tight. but if I can find a school i Cheap and not to do so.

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play guitar geek online

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