Play Guitar Along With A Song

play guitar along with a song
How to play “This Is Our Song ” (Camp Rock 2) on Guitar + Special PLAY ALONG

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Is it difficult to learn to play guitar? And how do I start?

I always wanted to play guitar. Not in a group or anything, but to play with my favorite rock band. I love being outside listening to Motley Crue or Pink Floyd and play guitar with the right song. Is it difficult to learn? How do I start? What, if anything, should I buy? I have little artistic talent, but I really want to learn.

I do Hard call, but you will have time to develop calluses on the fingers, and take time to adjust to your hand the formation of certain agreements more difficult. Beyond that, it's just practice, like everything else. It is easier to learn with a teacher, at least at first. I used books, videos, and a teacher, and teaching experience was the best. This is a cash expense, of course, but a good teacher is worth it. Can answer questions, stop bad habits before you start (very important) and give individual attention. You must buy a guitar. No need to line up, but not cheap either. A bad guitar playing is difficult and often lead to bad habits. Do you want a decent guitar and well established. (Edit – I personally would not start with a nylon string guitar. The neck is wider and more difficult for the left hand, in my experience. The only advantage is the string feel better on the fingers if you do not have calluses, which is a moot point in a few weeks).

play guitar along with a song