Play Guitar After 50

play guitar after 50
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What is the best quality acoustic guitar for under $ 250? ?

FirstAct want to replace my cheap guitar. A small corner of neck just cut after chaining with heavier gauge strings (lights -> means). I can rope and play, but think I should buy a new guitar. I want a new seat clamp and put it on, but I feel that I should not spend money on something so cheap. The best I can spend currently is $ 250. What is the best acoustic guitar as well? And if you think I should continue to play the FirstAct until I get more money, then what you propose (the maximum I could not really afford to spend $ 300 is so … maybe $ 350 to my parents in the chip of dollars additional 50). Thank you!

You are right not to money in the first act. Personally, I like the Yamaha acoustic, and fall in the price range.

play guitar after 50