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learn guitar by tabs
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I'm learning guitar and I learn from here and agreements?

I think to take another instrument. I play music during 10 years so I am experienced and I know how to read notes and chords, etc., etc. The thing is that I want to start learning the guitar, but I do not know where to start. Ultimately I want to be able to play tabs and chords, and be able to play acoustic and electric. I'll show myself and I some friends who are experienced guitar players you can get help from them. I still have no guitar, but I'm ready. I just need to know if I should start with acoustic or electric matches and learning or labels in the first place? I had some experiences with guitars and I know 4 easy agreements haha course I'll learn more once you get a guitar without. I also want to be able to play the bass. So when I began learning the bass? I learned that I'm learning guitar or later? The style of music that will play more rock and, possibly, pop. Can anyone help?

Regarding what to start, it's really just what you want to play. Most traditionalists will tell you to start the sound, but if you play most often begin in the electric power, and vice versa. The who played music for a long time for help. You will soon. You can get a free book teaching good, or look for labels network. A good knowledge of music is in good position. Bass is something you can learn while learning the guitar, two's complement each other, but be careful not to treat it as a bass guitar. It has its place and its style, its often difficult for beginning guitarists to distinguish. There is no reason why they can not learn both at once, but try to treat them as separate entities, rather than simply being a low bass guitar. I hope it helped.

learn guitar by tabs