Play Guitar Acdc

play guitar acdc
How to Play AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” Guitar Lesson

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Guitar buying advice?

I'm saving to buy a new guitar. Game Blues ACDC and more music. I am currently looking an Epiphone G-400 SG Custom 66. I do not want to spend over $ 400. Any other suggestions please?

When I'm looking to buy an instrument that usually go to the store with an idea in mind, but not of it. Then take (s) that I wanted to give them a play, and if I see another "call" for me. I sit and play for an hour or less at random in the … until you find one that feels and sounds good. It's a long process, but has never failed me. Not always tend to have a guitar or other instrument on Based on what I read, or even its name, so I understood the instrument and, when in fact feel to play. Go to the shop, sit and play and see where we fall in love with. Just do not try that are beyond your budget in order not to break his heart lol own.

play guitar acdc

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