Live And Learn Guitar Sheet

live and learn guitar sheet
LIVE AND LEARN by Jun Senoue (Crush 40)

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What I have to do to prepare for a major in music?

I'm 13 and I play guitar for 5 1 / 2 years, but I am absolutely sure I want to be a musician late in life. play heavy metal, so I'm afraid it will not be accepted for most schools because of my style. I have several questions, however, I need to study or work for the audience and the university. I know all my ways, and only way to use more than one song at a particular key. I'm also getting better and better at improvisation. I can read music, scores and OTS. What song should I play with them? I also live in Georgia, so the music college should I go? The best I've seen is the state of Georgia and the Art Institute of Atlanta. I only have so many questions about what they need to prepare for that.

All we're doing now is good. If you do not know and to learn by ear, then you'll want probably learn to do it, otherwise you're on your way.

live and learn guitar sheet