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Keyboard / piano .. I take the classes again?

I used to take organ lessons when I was younger, but stopped to let them enjoy smoking .. Today, I am quite expert on the keyboard and piano, but I learned by ear and guitar pro, etc. (by copying the keypad) .. Anyway, I thought to take piano lessons again and practice playing music .. But I wonder what would be worth? I want to be able to teach myself cousin scores, I think it would be much further soo, who has lived a similar situation and the lessons learned? I like to be an epic piano .. I do not think I'm still height .. (I only tried to learn from the leaves of organ music – for piano could be a bit harder I think?) In all cases, any good advice is much appreciated Oh and I forgot to say that I noticed that I prefer the sound of the organ and piano and I am much more enthusiastic about learning!

I took a lesson when I was in second grade, then stopped. Then I taught at the age of 16 to 17. Once I realized I needed help to learn become a better pianist, I made the necessary lessons. However … It all comes down to look in the mirror and say, "Is really … really what it is? "It takes commitment to learn the piano, but if you really want … you'll see they have a lot of fun learning with a tutor:) Good luck!

live and learn guitar pro