List Of Jazz Guitar Players

list of jazz guitar players
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Is there much difference between Gibson and Epiphone guitars?

Hello, I just bought an Epiphone Les Paul Classic and I love you to death. Before that, only use a Squier beginner compared to the Les Paul, which sounds a bit wrong. Is it really that much the difference between the Epiphone and Gibson Les Paul? Cause you can save if it's worth Gibson. I'm looking to buy the following … Either one: Epiphone or Gibson SG, Ace Frehley Epiphone Les Paul Signature, Fender P Bass, or Fender Jazz. As you can see on this list, I too am a bassist. Can anyone recommend what should I invest? At this point I have about $ 200 (and even save) to get a guitar / bass and I want to do things so my money is not wasted. Thank you for your help

There is a difference in how a Gibson Epiphone and sound and play. There is also a difference in finish and detail. The question was for me the differences are really worth worth the extra few thousand dollars cost Gibson. I have several friends who have a Gibson, which would all agree with me on this, but I do not really care what the brand is in the head. I'm not interested status symbols. I went with the Epiphone and was very happy with my choice. I played a lot of Gibson guitars, some are beautiful to play (and see), while some can be quite disappointing. I asked an expert luthier the same questions you asked and their response was, each guitar is different, they play, feel, examine carefully all aspects. Do not go just by the brand name. Gibson Les Paul, despite his clear tone, are heavy around your neck. The last guitar I bought was a Cort. Much better than Epi, much cheaper a Gibson.

list of jazz guitar players