Learn To Play Guitar Xbox

learn to play guitar xbox
Guitar Hero 2 Glitches- 100% Glitch PS2 Xbox 360

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Can i be in a band. read more detail to understand.?

ok so a really good friend mine wants to be in a band. and i play guitar today when she was over and she heared me play and was impress to be honest what i played was pretty simple and i made it on my own but any way i been playing for 3 moths which yeah i no i not the best but my guitar teacher said i learn fast and play well but to me i fell like i suck like i ok and geting to cords pretty fast but still i need more work on that. like i cant get to them real fast but like ok time if i pratice more i could get faster but i already pratice a good 2 hours a day cuz i have nothing else to do. since my xbox broke XD and second off i dont no how to read music like i can read cords and tap but thats about it do i need to learn the real stuff to be in a band

It depends on what you ask, and how you expect it to sound…..
It’s not like that your evolution will stop once you are in the band…With the help of the others and with hard work you may do something…
Play with the others and never forget to keep working…..

learn to play guitar xbox

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