Learn To Play Guitar Video Game

learn to play guitar video game
How to Play Riffs from Rock Band on Guitar : Playing “Black Hole Sun” by Sound Garden

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How can I stop playing video games and learn from my musical instruments?

Hello, play video games as a 24 / 7, So I'm going to school, come home video games, then go to bed. And then repeat. I have two instruments. My guitar my keyboard. I want to learn to play piano, but I stop and video games. I can not help it. If I am good on the piano can be easier to quit smoking. I can not continue to play long enough, however. I really want to be able to draw manga and play my piano but video games always take care of me and everything I do is a game for them. I can not help it. I just I want to learn to play piano and draw very well. They also have exams in 4 days and have not studied, because of video games. I like playing video games, but I really want is because I turn around. I want to learn to draw and play piano, but the games are always intervene. Any way thanks for all the help and sorry to chatter. I just want to have a life and learn from my instruments.

U r funny .. U know! The best solution is to get a boyfriend Urself / Girlfriend. Then u forget to play and compose music with a love heart instead.U lt "get a life later. Believe me, it works! Peace!

learn to play guitar video game

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