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learn guitar leeds
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Work Experience Help?

Yesterday I posted a question but no one answered it and Im really stuck,, and I have to make my mind up about it in 2 weeks. So will you help me pick some possible places,, we are aloud to go ANYWHERE in England,, so i was thinking about maybe going to Kerrang! magazine,, as i like the music, have an interest in the music and i might want to work somewhere like that when im older. How would i get in contact with them?? Also maybe Leeds O2 Academy as im very interested in music and learning what happens there behind the scenes. My interests are music (mainly rock,, scremo) I play the guitar aswell. I like history and im very good at it,, i also like food tech,, im quite good at that,, i like writing articles and things like that and my friends say that im good at sorting out peoples problems and listening to them.
We have to have 5 choices and i think we also have to ask if we can go there before we put it down on our sheet,, so help please??

Hey. I’ve got mt work experience in a couple of weeks and I’m going to a local photographic studio. Firstly I’m doing mine with Edexcel so they give you appropriate forms, and on there work experience website they also give suggestion of companies who take for work experience, but others do as well. You’ll need the companies address to where you want to apply for example Kerrang- Endeavour House, 189 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JG . Personally I would suggest ringing the office before to check that they take on work experience.
Telephone: 020 7437 9011
You have to consider logistics really as i doubt you’re going to commute half-way across the country or move for work experience. Remember this isn’t actually choosing you’re career path but I know you’ll want to do something you’ll enjoy.

Hope I helped. 🙂

learn guitar leeds

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