Learn To Play Guitar Solos

learn to play guitar solos
Learn To Play Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues – Guitar Solo Slow With Stuart Bull

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How can I learn to play guitar solo

I played for almost 3 years and I want to say that I have the ability to perform well solo rock / metal, but I really do not know where to start when it comes to learning to improvise a solo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I agree with the previous rate, the use http://www.ultimate-guitar.com has more labels than any other site Web, and try to buy and download the Guitar Pro Tabs Guitar Pro free Ultimate-Guitar. Guitar Pro tabs within each instrument is out of tabs and all play back to you in an RSE (Realistic Sound Engine), you can also read the notes, if you do not read labels. Better tab that normal, because it can slow the song down and play solo, or even the speed test your skills. If you do not want to pay for Guitar Pro, is poorer, called Power Tab. But I recommend Guitar Pro Hope that helped

learn to play guitar solos