Learn To Play Guitar Overnight

learn to play guitar overnight
Learn to Play Guitar Overnight

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Music theory … Where to begin?

I know how to read music, know some scales (major, mixolydian, blues, etc.) I used to play Alto / Tenor Saxaphone in high school. I bought a guitar and started learning to play on my own to take a lot. Joined the group my friend who cover things like Metallica and Whatevers. But this is not enough for me. I write my own music, but I I know that insufficient knowledge in the field of music theory to get started. I do not want to take a class in it. I enjoy learning things my rhythm, usually faster than with a teacher. Do not worry: I know this is not an overnight thing. Where do I start? As I said, I have experience with music … just … no formal studies on guitar. Although I know I basic chords and strength fingers are pretty decent.

obtain the theory of ABRSM music books, if you live in the UK (I'm not sure I could get the United States or elsewhere). If you can read bass clef, you may want to start in grades 3-4. this is where things get a little more difficult! If I you, I ask your teacher instrumental (or knowledgeable friends) for advice, but ABRSM books are great! if you want a Guide Reference Guide quickly to the ABRSM music theory book is a good pit stop!

learn to play guitar overnight