I Can Play Guitar Better Than U

i can play guitar better than u
PS22 Chorus “VIVA LA VIDA” Coldplay (acoustic guitar version)

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from a series of band councils … €?

I always wanted to create my own group. but I have always been nerve to ask people to start a iw me. I'm going ot SA next year. is a school for girls across the board …. and I have a band and atleast two CDs made by bonding. Does anyone have advice to start a band? I sing. People tell me I'm good. but I need to somehow have more confidence in that way. I have also begun to be Guitar thhis year. I will continue to do so. but I want atleast geta band. I can find someone who plays guitar for a while, and he could play while I get better or soemthing. if u are in a band can u tell me some disadvantages of CNA Pro on that? They also say the boys mehow started, and how he or the most conftuerbu ifur singer ur voice. Thank you. 🙂

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i can play guitar better than u