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learn to play guitar on internet
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How can my child learn to play acoustic guitar?

We bought our 10-year old daughter of an acoustic guitar for his birthday I wonder what is the best way to learn to play guitar. Are there any good books that could start with and there are some good sites on the Internet? Sincerely, Lisa

The "best" way would be for you to find a good guitar teacher and learn from an experienced player and teacher. If you do not want or can not afford tuition, so there is less optimal for learning. You can buy textbooks by Hal Leonard Alfred, Mel Bay or any music store. The key is to start with a book and do not jump. She must learn the basics and how to read music before it starts to play songs. There are some decent sites online trying to replace a real teacher, but there is no obvious interaction two-way and direct feedback from a qualified teacher. JustinGuitar.com is very good. A great many young guitarists, unfortunately, I think learning to play guitar is to watch the chord diagrams and legs and just learning where to place your fingers to play their favorite songs. This is certainly not the best way to learn to play guitar, although it may be the most immediately gratifying. EDIT: not recommended a site that promises to learn to play guitar in 2 weeks and then proceeded to show his left hand and take bad positions and jumps right into "It is only here to put your fingers this line" (ie PluckandPlayGuitar.com).

learn to play guitar on internet