Learn To Play A Acoustic Guitar

learn to play a acoustic guitar

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I learned to play acoustic guitar?

im 13 and want to learn to play guitar so badly, but I've never played a instrument before and I do not know much about playing music that I can learn to play acoustic guitar? thank you:]

of course! Eh Well, I started playing guitar when I was 12 and he was electrifying. I've never played an instrument before either. but loved me and sticks to the skin, and now, three years after I am more than ever to my dream of becoming a musician rockin '! before I started I did not know how to read music either, but after awhile it becomes second nature really. ask ur parents a little cheap guitar (Actually, it's better because, if and only if you did not finish the instrument waste is important to buy a $ 2000 Les Paul when not playing at all. even if you can sell on eBay …). and ask for classes. if this is not possible, there are many DVD and video tutorials for people who enjoy learning by someone to show them. there are many books of guitar for beginners, as Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 (which is i started with the one that teaches the basic chords and how to read basic music) and book 2 as well. guitartists then for a little more experienced, there William Leavitt's book (which is what I'm working now). is a bridge to more complex styles (I want to be able to play Avenged Sevenfold stuff, but I must have knowledge of other styles to better understand my own). and do not worry if your hard drive (if it is, what it means ur learning it therefore a good thing, right?) because everyone moves at their own pace. Some learn faster than others, and that's fine. is not a contest. music, and music is life (at least for me). In addition, some very famous musicians not even read music. so I guess not necessary but I would say it would be ideal. To answer your question, yes, if you love music and the instrument, even when things get tough, then, in fact, be able to learn to play acoustic guitar. ^ _ ^

learn to play a acoustic guitar