Learn How To Play Guitar Overnight

learn how to play guitar overnight
A New Way of Learning to Play a Guitar Overnight

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To propose a systematic way to learn guitar?

I wanted to learn to play guitar, but I can not find someone near my house taught. So I decided to learn. I looked at the chord diagrams of the Internet and learned to play some basic chords. I also learned to play a few songs, but I'm not systematic in my approach and I feel I'm not going anywhere so I have a few questions 1> is a recommended way to learn guitar? 2> I can play for only 2-3 hours per day. Is it enough? (I want to be an expert overnight. I am ready to spend 4-5 years) 3> I can be a good guitar without an instructor? 4> How can I learn to rock? Thank you advance

Well, this is what to do if you want to become a great guitarist 1) you need to know what a good guitarist. buy a lot of batch files and many, many guitarists of all styles. blues, jazz, heavy metal, rock, fusion. if you have nothing to copy that does not become good. I'll give you some names to use. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix Malmsteen, Yngwie, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Paul Gilbert, Van Halen, Larry Carlton Steve Vai start with them. 2) if you need to practice well. I mean a lot. you can never practice enough. 8 hours per day if you want to become a guitar god. If you do not want to strive to be totally awesome, you do whatever. 3) Yes, if you can afford to get a teacher guitar. who knows what the hell is done, of course. if it is sufficiently Well, tell him you want to learn to play guitar like Steve Vai. if you can helping to keep. if you can not find one who can. 4) just completely immersed in the guitar. who is doing well. keep reading everything you can about guitar on the Internet and go from there. continue to read, play, practice and learn. Learning never ends. Have you ever just be just average. buy lots of books and instructional DVD. and do your best to copy the best guitarists you can find. Also, go see live music. see local bands and guitar players in your town. It's very different to see a band of flesh and blood to do in the TV or YouTube. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!

learn how to play guitar overnight