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learn how to play guitar now
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How long does it take to learn to play electric guitar?

I heard if you know how to play an instrument that can play everything. Well, I know how to play alto saxophone, clarinet and sax Tenner. Now I want to learn to play the electric guitar. How long will it take?

That, and playing an instrument does not mean you can play instantly, however, it is easier to learn. I recently started playing electric guitar and I am a teacher. I took a long time (several days per week) to learn to play songs pop chord progressions with very simple, basic, however, now I am making progress on several songs, he obviously has a bit more. If you want to be really good, I recommend lessons, but not essential. A good book "Teach yourself the guitar is very useful because it teaches you where to place their fingers and some chords Basic and notes in the strings. I hope it was useful.

learn how to play guitar now