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learn guitar worship
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Is it better to learn to play … guitar or piano?

I'm 22 and I want to learn to play an instrument. But I divided between what we have to learn to play first. I think I'm more worried about what is easier. I want to learn to play an major instrument can lead worship at my church. I hope it takes a while, anyway. Another buddy, I too am part of a family members, so portability is a problem too. What experiences have you had with a standard keyboard in front of a piano?

I play time. I started piano when I was six, because my mother was a music teacher. When he was 12 he started Organ (Hammond had a role model C) at church and at 14 I took the guitar and was hooked on it. If you learn the piano, you must learn to read music … and can use later to learn guitar. It will be in at least one year of serious study with a piano teacher before be prepared to lead worship "on yours or any church .. can not play four voices with two fingers.

learn guitar worship