Learn Guitar Vs Piano

learn guitar vs piano
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What is the best and best to learn the guitar vs. keyboard?

What is the best and better learn the guitar keyboard Vs Is it possible to produce the sounds of instruments piano, violin, guitar, keyboard by the way no other instrument works like this, I wanted the guitar .. What makes you feel good known of such, please suggest what I'm going .. I like both the keyboard and guitar, but I do not know what to choose.

I can play at once. The answer is at the piano. First, the piano music is the staff of Evry intstrument others, to be really learn anything. Piano players can read music and play any other instrument. People who learn guitar string that can really just play intsruments other things with strings on them such as violins, banjo, etc. .. You learn all your scales and chords and be able to use them for everything else. If you really want to play well, learn piano, then 2 to 3 years, begin to learn guitar. Do not start both at the same time. I play whatever you collect, only because I learned the first piano. Good luck. Cat.

learn guitar vs piano

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