Learn Guitar In 60 Minutes

learn guitar in 60 minutes
Learn to play and sing music in 60 minutes “PART 2”

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guitar method software?

Well … I'm surfing the net and see this page from a program called guitar method Fret2Fret that says you can learn to play like a pro in 60 minutes or less. In addition, the announcement has a lot of very convincing evidence. The voice in my head are crying: "Oh, yes!" and yes it looks like a huge load of waste. Somebody knows something about it at all? Thanks a million.

It's just a personal opinion so take with a grain of salt. I have no personal knowledge of specific software. But I am a firm believer in the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true ….." In other words, even if the ad is not entitled to leave and say that I'm sure people are using your product meets certain minimum requirements and standards. If I do not meet the minimum standards (whatever they be), there is no way I can "play as a professional" in 60 months, far less than 60 minutes. And then there's this thing called talent. I have no musical talent whatsoever. At least not when it comes to guitar. I tried videotapes, one to one tutoring, nothing worked. So for me, I do Fret2Fret might work. But it might work for you. This is an opportunity should be prepared to take given that is a possibility that it will not "play like a professional" in 60 minutes. plrr

learn guitar in 60 minutes

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