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learn guitar for seniors

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"I can learn to play the violin at three months of training non-stop?

I have my summer off, and I wanted to play the violin, all, however, if I take violin lessons (1 hour per week for 12 weeks) practice (1 hour per day, except classes), it is possible to play very well? hair, but not be able to play orchestra peices of college. Because I really have a passion and I have other bands like Ive been playing bass guitar for over a year of my high school band and music classes and want to jump on the violin, is it possible? If yes, explain the answer

If you spend an hour in practice every day consistently, then make sure that time is well spent. You should take things slowly and focus. Much of the violin is just playing something over and over again until it is under your fingers. Can you play ten times in a row perfectly? If not, then you need to keep practicing. I am sure, however, that if you are really into it and have a good teacher, you will be able to play on an orchestra of high school. When you return to school and go score for the semester, take the records and learn to play pieces. I think you will be satisfied with what happened to you. Finally, learn more about the violin. More you know, the more you can ask your game Good luck!

learn guitar for seniors