Learn Guitar Computer Usb

learn guitar computer usb
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What kind of guitar should I buy?

Ok, so I would get a guitar and learn to play. So I like metal, and I was a bit looking for a guitar that sounds decent when not connected to anything, but has the ability to be connected to a computer via a USB cable. So actually, what the guitar has these two things, and not too expensive relitevely? I would also like some general information on the guitar too, and where I can learn to play and read music for guitar. (And the guitar that I just described is an electric guitar right?) Anyway thank you all very much a your time and help!

I think there are a couple of guitars that are USB ready, I think that behringer make a box, then light is not primarily educational tools with the lights on the fretboard show you where the fingers, the alternative would be to obtain a normal electric (Ibanez, ESP / Ltd Schecter, are good for metal) and something like the line 6 tone output, which connects to your computer

learn guitar computer usb