Youtube Play Guitar Basic

youtube play guitar basic
How to Play Guitar for Newbies

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Which book would you suggest music to a beginner on the guitar nw.?

Just to show you all the basic things on electric guitar. Im getting one soon and I want to learn to play all the notes. I used to play trumpet, but it was so boring. But when I hear the guitar I can not get enough of it. It could also take many years have you played if you had. To see if you can play this

Hey that video was awesome.If you want to check this book as a logical start.Fretboard 1.2 and 3.Then get anything explained.Practice Steve Vai techniques, practices, choose a practice.Then song.I recommend a classic with Antonio Vivaldi, Francisco Tarrega, study, study, modify and study.Then practice Practice, luck practice.Good you and if you put a video, please let me know. oh yeah I've played for 20 years

youtube play guitar basic