Lead Guitar Playing Techniques

lead guitar playing techniques
Guitar Speed Building Techniques – Rock and Blues Lead Guitar Lessons

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guitar techniques?

Hello, I just wanted the opinion of some other guitarists in the right way to play the lead role, I playing guitar for 2 years and a half and 4/5s of the way through learning the Sweet Child O Mine solo began to question my technique after seeing a lesson Justin Sandercoe videos of Slash and the other one. These are the rules i tend to use when reading: Living in a position as long as possible Use a finger to each box vibrato and bends as possible with your fingers as many available (for example, if I play a note with a finger I put the other fingers behind him) It works for me, but I wonder if there are drawbacks and disadvantages later or if I'm wrong .. Just take Your thoughts are welcome.

One thing – do not use your little finger bends and vibrato.

lead guitar playing techniques