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guitar lessons tapping
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I think of a drum kit for Christmas, but I've never played drums.?

I thought I had lessons in percussion. You see I've done guitar. It was not for me, I have no place. I considered the battery because I like the sound of it, and I take the table, etc.. If the time I was pretty good and I'll try to get into a group. Incidentally, I am a woman. Any comments? thank you.

I say, go! I had a guitar for years trying to learn to play, but only five known single rope and playing time time when I'm bored. but last year I bought a battery and I am a hundred times better on the drums to the guitar. It simply because I like the drums, the material being able to hit, let out the stress and energy, while being creative and bring your own pace to get the songs and just play with friends and just messing around on the drums. If you have an interest in playing drums, then probably become a great drummer if you play and have fun! Good luck!

guitar lessons tapping