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How to set up an affiliate program and PPC ads Click

This is a very special section contributed by Mark Ling's subsidiary online known as one of the kings of the PPC and make millions online.

If you have not already heard speak of Marcos, who recently launched a free version of its guide to affiliate marketing very popular Affilorama – Your essential guide to become a super affiliate.

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Here's what Mark has shared with you:

Hello, Mark Ling and I am here to train such so you can become a Super "Affiliate" yourself.

You've always wanted to work at home, make thousands of dollars each week, and have more time for friends and family?

Sound exciting?

All this is possible and is not as difficult as you think, then read more …

I'll start by answering a very common question I receive from many members, regardless of the product they market online, in this case, it was promoting a course to learn to play guitar …

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* Request * Re: affiliate program Jamorama.com

Hello Mark, I tried a campaign to that effect in Google AdWords and threw a few hundred dollars, but there was no rate of sale or conversion of clicks. If you have any recommendations on how to successfully market it better, I'm willing to invest.

My Google ad reads as follows:

Step by step learn guitar

Discover the secrets of step by step to learn to play guitar


What advice would you give?



————————————————– ————————————————– ————————

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————

* Answer *

Hello Paul. Thank you for your e-mail, here's my advice for you:

1. Your maximum CPC is too high. Up Do you know what your conversion rate for each search term should offer no more than 12-16 cents per click. Also, remember that Google rank not only the position ads on the basis of the amount spent per click. Sites with the highest rank higher clickthrough rates.

For example:

You are bidding for 48 quater, click on "learning guitar and a click rate of 0.5% which can be included in # 5. However, Mr. X is a unique offering 22c per click and is ranked # 1, … How does it?

Answer: Your clickthrough rate is 2.1% more than 4 times the rate of clicks. So win because he has to pay per click. And wins Google because they earn more money that more people click on your ad.

In short work, CTR before turning a lot of money by increasing your price per click.

2. Your URL does nothing to help your click through rate. I recommend buying a domain name registerfly.com for about $ 10 per year, and at its inception, departing from its affiliate network. Get an area as LearnGuitar2Day.com or something. People are much more likely to click on an advertisement with a URL like that, "www…..com / =……." Affiliate

Remember, Google automatically charged less money per click through your ad position and more if you have a CTR.

3. Remember to take advantage of the first words of the domain name and remove the www, which always increases the rate of clicks, for example, instead of www.learnguitartoday.com LearnGuitar2day.com. We divided tested on over 50 adwords campaigns, it is a proven winner.

4. For the title of your ad, try to use {Keyword: Amazing Guitar Tips} – sure to draw the letters "K" and "W" in the position keyword}. And the symbols {and. ie, cut and paste everything in its title. What this title is not a place irrespective of the person who searched the title of your property, and if so, the search is too long, just to see "Amazing Guitar Tips." This is another proven strategy to win, click prices have increased and, consequently, a lower cost per click.

5. Re word your ad more exciting, perhaps: amazing Learn tips and techniques to play the guitar like a star

6. Do not place your bid in all countries. Our research shows that countries that have a conversion rate of 1% or more are: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Chile, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Iceland, Bahrain, Trinidad and Tobago Qatar, Bermuda, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Antigua and Barbuda, South Africa

All other countries are not worth worrying about, became much worse and better Your break even on them. The worst is the Philippines, was obtained 2000-4000 hits per week in sales there and ever.

7. always split test your ads. If you create two ads, Google automatically test divided against each other and know which ad is best for you. This will help a lot as split testing your ads, which are constantly improving.

8. Email conversion tracking code to the webmaster. This way you can see that the words become the key, and it is not. This allows you to adjust the bid amount based on the keywords you offer. For example: "How to play guitar" became for us in four sales in 59 visitors (6.78%) last week, while "Guitar Chords "was a 0 in 1023 the visitor conversion rate (0.00%). It is very important not to lose sight of that.

I hope these tips will help your campaign. Apply these techniques in their campaigns for any product you promote and you are guaranteed to get much better results. Remember, it is best to sell only 7.3 of a day of a product and make double your money, lose money or threshold profitability.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————

All the best, Mark Ling

PS: If you have had good success with other affiliate programs, by Please let me know. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form on my website target = "_blank"> Affilorama.

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Have fun!

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