How To Play Guitar Tnt

how to play guitar tnt
How to Play TNT by AC/DC on Guitar

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I want to learn hip hop dancing??? PLEASE HELP!!?

Ok im 13(14 in September) and i want to learn hip hop dancing. I did gymnastics for 8 years and i took a year of ballet and modern at my school. We had one hip hop class and it was really fun! Im pretty good at getting the beat of a song because i play guitar, violin, and piano. How long would it take for me to be able to dance like this if i take a class twice a week? . Thanks. Oh and also i took like another 2 months of ballet when i was in gymnastics but they put me in an advanced class even though hadn’tnt ever done ballet.I don’tnt know if that helps any but…ya. 🙂

hahaa i love RNG:] it depends on how hard you try and how far your passion drives you. you might never get to that point if you slack off, but from the sounds of it im sure you can be that good:] you probably have most of the strength needed for it, so that shouldn’t be a problem. you just need to find your grove and practice. i was a hopeless hip-hop dancer and now im not to shabby, even though i have a lot of room to improve. learning hip hop just takes time to get the general feel of things, but i would say you have the potentential to be a great dancer:D good luck:]

how to play guitar tnt

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