How To Play Guitar Rag

how to play guitar rag
Tommy Emmanuel & Richard Hudson – Guitar Rag – Chet Atkins

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I need help to learn a technique for Merle Travis guitar?

You Tube is a song called Cannonball rag MerleTravis played (and several other musicians). During Merle does a roll with your thumb and forefinger. Some other musicians to use the thumb, index and middle fingers to do the same role. Can anyone who plays this style of music to explain the exact model used? Becomes too fast for me to collect. I need help from someone who knows how to do this stuff. I can play first slow, then accelerate on time.I need to know all the movements of the fingers and thumb when the role is played on a line. Everything starts with D, then repeated in the sun and again in D and G follows again.

Ok, the DGB is probablley and high-chains and mail. Test this, here are the strings of notes, DGB, CEO, DGB. DGE, etc. try to use the thumb, and the major best suits me, hope this helps:) The chains remain the same at all times.

how to play guitar rag

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