How To Play Guitar Outside The Box

how to play guitar outside the box
Outside The Box, Into The Zone

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acoustic songs with a good pace?

This may sound strange, but hear me. I'm in a band with a piano and acoustic guitar bass drum I'll play well in the electric or bass (depending on how I feel right now.) You do not want to deal with a drummer, so just get low school walk drum. I like the rhythm of the song Robert Randolph and the family group "there is nothing wrong with that, but not very strong. Our keyboardist is a student in AP Calc you have problems with thinking outside the box (I know, AP Calc, and music should not mix, my mistake) and must demonstrate you can do it, but I do not know of a good example. Any suggestions for very little acoustic drums, but a solid pace Big?

Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

how to play guitar outside the box