How To Play Guitar Low

how to play guitar low
How to Play Remembering Sunday by All Time Low on Guitar

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How I can play with the buttons on the top of the guitar in my rock band for Wii?

I can only play with the lowest, but I'm sure you can play with the top, how can I do? Is it necessary to change the configuration? Also, what is the "stick" thing above the + and -?

Well, you can play with the top, because the buttons are ment to be lower for parts only, that is closest to the guitarest because only the parties to go work on the merits, even if u get spare parts or do not have to play just need to press buttons, if a button is twice more red and a red after u need to release the button and press again. u no need to change configuration of the buttons above, except not work or may need repair as well as the other poster posted. I do not know what ur talking stick, so I'll say or two If you tell them long term, is called a whammy bar when you hit the long notes, you can use the whammy bar to change the sound of that long note, I do not really know how to explain how it sounds if you touch the whammy bar, but if u hold down the button, the sound is lower, letting go is higher repetatly so quickly and press down and release, do as the sound of the waves, I think that gives you more points when u get the notes long and white, press repeatly and stop quickly and go, because it gives you more power or overdrive. If you're talking about cutting moves up and down, is simply the notes sound different. I do not mind with it, if you play ur party is Bumb eventualy be on it and change it. The – activate the overdrive is like a return to buttons sorta + Button is the pause button and also take ur name in the notes themselves, so that's all u need to know

how to play guitar low