How To Play Guitar Like John Lennon

how to play guitar like john lennon
ST-522 • Working Class Hero – John Lennon (Guitar Lesson)

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Paul McCartney was literally a man orchestra on the album "McCartney" – Can you name someone as well.?

Many people call from John Lennon, the genius of the Beatles and I agree, but Paul was the musical talent. Listen to his guitar work on "Maybe I'm Amazed "and remember that he played all the instruments in the song and album. Http:// BQ1 – What are your favorite songs McCartney? BQ2 – How many instruments playing your favorite musician? Only the live version of Maybe I'm Amazed is Wings – Wings did not exist when McCartney Album is released.

I mean, the prince made his album in 1999, but I'm not sure. BQ1: Too many uncle People Albert / Admiral Halsey Maybe I'm Amazed the back seat of my car the heart of this country, "Coming Up" tug of war Cascades It Take ebony Wanderlust and tubes d'Ivoire Peace Say Say Say so bad that the other me Stranglehold release Good Time Coming / Feel The Sun My brave face that I love too a figure of eight of the common hope of the maid in the field and sang the song young boy Big Sky Boys Do not Cry Calico Day freedom of a lover to a friend Fine Line Promise To You Girl BQ2: Carlos Santana – guitar and electric guitar (which is every man needs).

how to play guitar like john lennon